They met in Metropolis...

This is the story of how they met.

May 2010: Jessica had been re-watching the TV series Smallville with a group of twitter friends (Shuby & Cory) via Skype. (Jeremy & Shuby were friends and Jessica & Shuby were friends. Jeremy & Shuby had made plans earlier in the year to go to Metropolis, IL for Superman Celebration 2010.)  Shuby asked the group if she could invite Jeremy to continue rewatching. Jessica was curious if he was "cool" or not. Shuby & Cory both agreed that Jeremy was "good people".

After about a week of watching together, Jeremy inadvertently scored Jessica's phone number and they began texting...A lot. After discovering Jeremy & Jessica only lived about 3 hours apart, Shuby and Jeremy texted each other almost simultaneously to see if they could invite Jessica to Metropolis with them, and Jeremy's friend/practically sister, Brandi. They asked Jessica if she'd like to join them, and she agreed.

Thursday June 10, 2010: Shuby & Jessica flew/drove/arrived at Jeremy's house in Illinois. They ate dinner at Wilmington's only Chinese restaurant and decided to make a quick run to a Walmart before the big drive. This is where they discovered that Shuby & Jessica don't like White Castle. Despite this fact, Jeremy became infatuated with Jessica.

Friday June 11, 2010: Brandi arrived at Jeremy's and the quartet headed south to Metropolis. After checking into their hotel 6 hours later, they headed toward downtown Metropolis and set out to tour the Superman Museum and take pics with the 15' Superman statue for the rest of the day.

Saturday June 12, 2010: The Fantastic Four set back out to the celebration and took in a panel consisting of Sam Witwer & Laura Vandervoort, of Smallville fame. Later in the day they all took pics with them and got their autographs. That evening they went to dinner at a local bar where a live local band was playing. Of course they requested "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down.

Sunday came and it was time to head home. The group had to take Shuby to St. Louis for her flight home. After hugs and well wishes, they hit the road back to Wilmington. Upon arrival, they dropped Brandi off at her house. Upon arrival back at Jeremy's, Jessica determined she was too tired to drive back to Indiana, so she stayed the night again. The next morning, Jessica loaded up and headed home, but not before Jeremy snuck in a kiss that would begin the best adventure of his life.



All wedding photograhy provided by Chris Lehman.