Our house has windows facing the east and windows facing the west. It is laid at just the right angle that the sun can be quite intense. So, after some tint pricing and other ideas, we decided to get window “film” and apply it to our windows. Thinking this may help keep the heat out in the summer and in during the winter. 

We went with Gila Heat Control film. It was around $40 at Menards, plus the cost of an install kit. We have 7 large windows, a set of French doors and a small kitchen window. We ended up with 3 rolls of the film. (There is a guide on the boxes to indicate how much you need.)

After finding it was a thinner film than Jeremy was used to, and ruining one piece, we finally started to get the hang of application. During this adventure we even figured out how to pull the entire window piece out. However, it was hard to install the film on a window as it laid on the table, because the installation spray didn’t run off the window, thus making it hard to get all the bubbles out. Live and learn. We only tried that with one window. 

Just a couple days later and I can tell a significant difference. We can open the blinds and get light, and even walking up to the window there is less heat radiating. Pretty excited about this, and hopefully our Nest can report that we’re using less air in the next couple months!