Jeremy and I found last minute reservations to the Magic Kingdom restaurant Be Our Guest. These reservations were for 9:50pm. Yes, that is late for supper…but is it too late for a cool experience?? The sun had set, and we were waiting inside the “castle gates”. A servant girl came out, holding Lumiere and escorted us into the ballroom, “where Beast and Belle fell in love”. As we walked through the ballroom to our table she commented that “the master is home tonight and will be receiving guests in the study”. Apparently, Jeremy and I were a little disconnected, taking it all in, because she followed up with, “you know who the master is, yes?” OF COURSE! THE BEAST! (Now, technically, it should just be a guy, because the curse is lifted at the end of the film. But I won’t be picky.)

Our server, Tam, was from Vientnam. He gave us time to look over the menu and was excellent the whole night. His shining moment was when he brought over a sweet tea refill for me and laid out 4 sweeteners, having observed that I used 4. How amazing is that attention to detail. Tam also noticed our indecision when deciding which desert to pick. He ended up brining us a little sample of “The Grey Stuff”, so that I could order the much desired Triple Chocolate Cupcake. This was outstanding service for someone, whom had probably had a long day at work and really just wanted us to leave (all though he denied it 😀 )

We got to take pictures with Beast, and explore the areas of the castle. Because it was so late we were able to take all these pictures without a bunch of unnamed people in them. We walked out of park after close and it was beautiful, quiet even and rather enchanting.